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Welcome to the ODEMx project.

This is the homepage of the ODEMx project. The purpose of this project is to maintain and to develop the ODEMx library. ODEMx is a C++ class library for process simulation. The latest release is 1.3:

(ODEM 2.1.3)
ODEMx 1.3.

ODEMx is an abbreviation for Object oriented Discrete Event Modelling.

The core of the ODEMx project is the ODEMx library. The first version of the ODEMx library (in short ODEMx) was developed 1992 by Joachim Fischer, Klaus Ahrens and Dorota Witaszek.

ODEMx contains four packages, process, statisti, discrete and cadsim.

Process provides the basic mechanisms of process simulation. It is based on concepts from Stroustrup (Task-Library, AT&T 1991) and Hansen (The C++ -Answer Book, Addison Wesley 1990).

Statisti containes a set of random number generators and tools for aggregation and analysis of simulation data.

Discrete is a collection of components for object oriented process simulation. It is based on DEMOS, Discrete Event Modelling on Simula.

Cadsim realizes time-continuous event simulation on the basis of Discrete.

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